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Silver fossils and artefacts

Silver ammonite paperweight
A cast of a silver ammonite with a flat side making it ideal as a paperweight. It is 35-40 mm in diameter and weighs 70g. There are other ammonites here.
Silver arrowhead
Not a fossil at all , but a cast of a flint arrowhead found in a field in the Stonesfield area of Oxfordshire, UK.
It is about 45 mm tip to rear and weighs 35g.
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Geode on a silver stand
A simple circular, three legged stand supporting a half geode. The stand has an inside diameter of 68mm and could be used for something else.
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Silver cast of chinoid fossil
Silver copy of a sea urchin fossil found near Stonesfield in Oxfordshire.  It weighs 22 grams and is about 28mm in diameter.
Solid silver sea shellSold silver sea shell
A silver casting of sea shell. The shell is about 4cm across and weighs 41 grams
Silver fossil clam shellReverse of a silver fossil clam shell
This is a casting of a Pseudopecten acuticosta fossil.  The fossil was found in Gloucestershire and is about 170 million years old.  It is about 55mm across and weighs just under 90g.  It is only a half section, recessed on the other side, so could be used for a baptism though it doesn’t hold much water. Otherwise a great paperweight.
Silver clam baptism shell
This shell is made from sheet silver and is based on the fossil Pseudopecten acuticosta above. It is 60mm across and weighs 12g. It would work well as a christening or baptism shell, but also as an ornament perhaps holding some small treasured objects. The reverse is also bright polished.
Silver baptism shell
This dish is intended as a baptism/ christening shell or perhaps just an ornament. It is loosely based on a scallop shell. It is 8 cm across and weighs 22 grams. The reverse is bright polished.


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