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Useful silverware

Silver paperknife
This paperknife is a stiletto style with a bark effect handle. It is just over 19 cm long and weighs 40 grams. An area to be engraved could be made on the blade.
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Embossed handled silver paperknife
This paperknife is a stiletto style with a irregular square pattern on the handle with featured hallmarks. It is just over 17cm long and weighs 34 grams. It could be engraved on the rear of the blade.
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Silver shoehorn
This is a heavy piece to give the strength needed to be a practical shoe horn. It weighs 108 grams and is 21cm long. The handle contains an ammonite fossil. The fossil was bought in the Dordoyne, but I doubt that is where it came from.
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Silver upsidedown bottleholder

How do you get the last drops of expensive moisturiser (or whatever) from a bottle with a domed cap? This will do it The twisted stems flex to allow the bottle to slip in and out. It weighs 63g and the base is 80mm in diameter.
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Silver thimble
A smallish silver thimble. It weighs 10g. The tip is about 13mm in diameter and the other end about 17mm.
Sorry - sold - contact me and I'll make one for you.
Chalky paper tester
Philatelists use a tool like this to detect chalky paper. I have no idea how it works, though it clearly has some relation to silverpoint drawing. This is a short length of fine silver (99.9% pure silver) in a wooden handle.
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Silver bottle opener
I wasn't sure whether to put this in 'Useful' or 'Oddities', but thought 'Useful' was more likely for searching. That said, opening a crown cork bottle with this would undoubtedly mark the silver. This is a full silver solid silver copy of a bottle opener much used in the 20th Century, less so in the 21st. The other side has ROSS'S in place of GINGER-ALE. It is nearly 9cm long and weighs over 35g (heavier than the original!).
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Special Delivery
Normally I send orders by Royal Mail Tracked 24 in the UK. If you need it sent Guaranteed by 1pm (working weekdays), add this item to cover the additional postage cost. If you are outside the UK or have other delivery requests, please get in touch. Don't order first please.
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