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These earrings below are examples of my earrings. I use sterling silver which is nickel free for my ear fittings. For most earrings, I can change from wires to studs, clips, or different metals for those with sensitive skins. A bonus extra is that should you be unfortunate to lose one of my earrings, I can make you another. Reduce your collection of lonely earrings!
Silver ammonite earrings
Shiny heart earrings
Silver fused earrings
Fused silver earrings with gold highlights



Shiny hearts

£30 £40

Fused with gold

Three dome earrings
Silver/ gold bark effect earrings
Silver wire disc with gold highlight earrings
Silver bee earrings with gold abdomen

Gold bark


Scrunched wire




DNA style earrings
Golde edged silver DNA earrings
Small silver cross earrings
Silver navigation light earrings

DNA Style


DNA with Gold


Small cross


Navigation lights







Silver leaf earrings
Bark hoop earrings
SIlver Trowel earrings
Blue mozaic in silver earrings



Bark studs





Fine siler twists - part gold earrings
Double strand fine silver earrings
Silver treble clef earrings

Fine silver twist


Silver/ gold twist

£30 £20

Treble clef






Silver wrapped sweet sweetie earrings

Wrapped sweet


















If you can't see what you want, then take a look here at other earrings that I've made. Contact me if you would like something else or something special made. I usually have about 150 pairs in stock from £15-£75.