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Musical symbols

Silver treble clef brooch
These treble clef brooches are availabel in different sizes Currently I have two available heights 25 and 45 cm weighing between 3 and 5 grams. They are all slightly different. A matching pendant and earrings are available - please contact me.
Silver treble clef brooch/ music clip
This is a variation on the brooch above where the brooch slides into a hole in a varnished clothes peg and so it can be used as a rather special present for a practising musician to hold music onto a stand. The bonus is that the two can be separated and so the treble clef can still be used as a brooch. The pin protector is still provided.
About £55
Available on request - please contact me
SIlver quaver brooch
The quaver brooch is about 2 cm wide and weighs just under 3 grams.
Out of stock - please contact me